Annual Performance
Tune-up (APT)

included with all IPP memberships

Proper maintenance helps protect your investment and ensures it is operating at maximum efficiency over its long life


Full System

Ground Loop



Comfort Review
and Adjustments

Condensate Drain

Electrical Connection

Annual Performance Tune-up (APT)

included with all IPP memberships

  • Performance verification testing
  • Your system will be run through all operations and performance data recorded
    – like preventative maintenance, performance data can reveal potential issues before they become urgent
  • System can be tracked against previous tests to verify capacity and efficiency over time
  • Safety inspection
  • Full safety review to keep you home a safe, worry free space
  • Full system cleaning
  • Make it look like new
  • Condensate drain cleaning
  • Most common nuisance call for cooling systems
  • Prevents an emergency service call on a hot and sticky night for a condensate fault
  • Electrical connection tightening
  • Lugs can loosen over time and hours of operation
  • Tightening prevents potential arcing and component failures
  • Thermostat programming verification
  • Customers have accidentally modified the program and we are there to help teach thermostat operation
  • Training on any thermostat features and optimal settings for comfort or energy efficiency
  • Comfort review and adjustments (comfort tuning)
  • How you feel is the best data and we will adjust the system for your comfort
  • Programming adjustments can be made to improve year round comfort
  • Air or water flow adjustments available to get the most out of your investment
  • Ground loop verification
  • Check the flow center level and adjust as needed
  • Verify integrity for lifetime no leaks guarantee
  • Download and install any new firmware to keep the system updated and protected