Hot Water Systems

In the home, domestic hot water is the second highest energy expenditure after heating/cooling. Solar hot water systems convert the sun’s radiated energy into hot water for domestic use and typically produce 60% – 80% of the annual demand at virtually no cost. These systems have a short payback period and typically pay for themselves in a few years with the available rebates/tax incentives.

  • Year-round usage of the sun’s free energy
  • Significant Federal & State rebates/incentives
  • Rapid return on investment
  • More effective at capturing & converting the sun’s energy than solar electric panels
  • Pool heating—extend your pool’s usage

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How it Works
A well designed solarthermal system can be used for several applications in your home or business. The most common use is to provide domestic hot water. These systems are usually designed to provide 75% -80% of the total hot water demand. A traditional or tankless water heater is used to supplement the system when the solar collector cannot match the water requirements.

The solar collector (flat-plate or evacuated tube) captures the sun’s energy and transfers it to a solution of propylene glycol and water. This solution is pumped from an insulated storage tank. A heat exchanger is used to add this heat to your domestic hot water.

In summer months, the solar collectors can provide 100% of your hot water demand. Even in the winter, 70% of the demand can be satisfied with a properly designed solar hot water system. A traditional or tankless hot water heater is used to supplement the system when the solar collector cannot match the demand

solar electric hot water systems - how they work

Superior Design

solar electric hot water systems - superior design

A solar hot water collector is extremely efficient at capturing and converting the sun’s rays into useful energy. If fact, a properly designed solarthermal system is several times more efficient at this process than solar electric panels.

Solarthermal systems are installed with automated control packages, pressure relief valves, expansion tanks, heat dissipation (for over-heat conditions) and reliable circulation pumps. These systems are capable of maintenance-free, safe and reliable operation for many years.

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