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Testimonial“Linda and I are beyond thrilled with the performance of the GeoThermal unit already. Beyond thrilled! The crew members were all wonderful, and we enjoyed having them in our home for the project. We hope we were as gracious to them as they were with us. The performance of the new system is still a bit unnerving (in a good way) re: how cool the air is at the registers. I had anticipated cool temps with the outbound air, but I had no idea it would be able to chill to that level. Our house is already back to the temp we normally kept it at, it did not take all that long to get it back down from the warm mid-day temp we had hit. The Huskies are clearly far happier, no longer dragging around with panting tongues as they needed to do for a few short days.
Thank you for an excellent job. We are looking forward to our first full month's RGE bill with actual readings, not just estimates, to see where we land even before the Solar System is installed.”

Linda & Gil – Pittsford, New York

Testimonial“I would have to rate Geotherm "best in class" for their engineering, installation and service.... Jesse Cook, the owner, has an engineering background and is somewhat of a Geothermal/Solar geek (a good thing!) so he spends the time correctly engineering the system to your needs.”

Burch – Springwater, New York

Testimonial“The indoor temperature stability of our geothermal system, despite the outdoor variation, is a great testament to good insulation and the excellent modern geothermal system you installed in our house. Thank you!”

Karen – Ithaca, New York

Testimonial“I had Geotherm install a solar system to complement my existing geothermal unit and complete my goal of net zero. I interviewed many companies but liked Geotherm the best because:
1) Jesse Cook, the owner, has a great deal of experience in designing and installing energy management systems, which he utilized himself in custom design of my household needs.
2) He values American-made products and local labor, both important to me as a veteran.
3) His early figures on demand needs and financial payback figures were the most spot-on, whereas I was being oversold by other installers.
He was genuine in all the statements he made in our many meetings before signing on with him. He expedited the necessary paperwork and followed up every step of the way. I had a strict timetable and he met it. The installation team was equally courteous and professional.
Although I'm happy with my geothermal unit that was installed three years ago by another company, I would recommend Geotherm for design and installation. It is really hard to find a contractor who follows through with this level of detail and is willing to customize to your household's needs. We had some unforeseen obstacles and they bent over backwards to make things right–even other work that they were not responsible for. They pointed out mistakes some lazy electrician made that could have eventually costed my house. I am really happy with Geotherm because of the work they did, the values they hold as a company, and the real professionalism they showed at every step of the process. I highly recommend them and would be happy to answer any questions potential customers may have.”

Taylor – Rochester NY

Testimonial“You and your crew did a fantastic job. You guys are knowledgeable, professional and patient, proving to us that we picked the right company for our geo project. The job was flawless from the installation to the clean up after. We will continue to recommend Geotherm. Thanks again for a job well done. ”

Doug & Georgeann – Brockport, New York

Testimonial“We couldn't be happier. Overall, a great company that ticks all of the boxes. From beginning to end they are great at communicating and follow up. Our project experienced a permitting delay, however the Geotherm team kept everything on track and moving forward while being sure we were up to date throughout the entire process. The project installation is where we were really impressed. The attention to detail was excellent throughout the install, and the finished product exceeded our expectations. A very smooth and positive experience for us with such a large project. Awesome job by the Geotherm team!”

Daryl – Honeoye Falls, New York

Testimonial“We absolutely love, love, love the air conditioning! Amazing comfort; not overly cold. We are so grateful and very happy!!! Telling everyone. Thank you so much.”

Dru – Ithaca, New York

Testimonial“I wanted to let you know that this week’s below zero temp was a great test of my open loop system. No problem maintaining temperature. If the secondary kicked in I didn’t hear it and the auxiliary is still switched off in the panel box. Laura and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Scott – Chili, New York

Testimonial“Thanks for installing our geothermal system. You were very pleasant and did the job very efficiently. With the geothermal heating and increased heat ducts the west side of the house has been much warmer. Many thanks for the improvements you made to our home.”

Gail – Canandaigua, New York

TestimonialYour team was awesome! Please feel free to add us to your list of satisfied customers for referrals.”

Judi – Lima, New York

Testimonial“When it comes to shopping for geothermal, it's the installer (not necessarily the brand or type) that makes the difference between a system that works well and one that doesn't. Jesse Cook’s engineering background and attention to detail was apparent from the start, and there was no question that he was the better choice for us. This geothermal system is amazing. Jesse knows his stuff, and we recommend Geotherm to anyone looking at geothermal.”

Scott – Ithaca, New York

Testimonial“What a clean and professional job your crew did this week. Thank you very much. My builder also had nothing but compliments. Again, nice job!!!”

Andrew – Conesus, New York

Testimonial“Thanks for everything. We are enjoying this new geothermal heating system from Geotherm. Very impressed with your professionalism, business sense, employees and workmanship.”

John – Springwater, New York

Testimonial“Geotherm installed an excellent system for a very good price. The installation was very quick, completed on time and everyone was a pleasure to work with. I have had the system for two years and I am very happy with its reliability and efficiency.”

Bob – Victor, New York

Testimonial“We love it! Our house is very comfortable and our electric bills are low.
Geotherm installed a 4 ton system in our new build which included radiant heating in the walk-out basement floor. The furnace is a combination unit which handles both forced air and hot water for the floor. They did a nice job which included an oversized ground loop. I appreciate that because I have heard of a couple of systems which were undersized.
The house has been very comfortable and the electric bills have been as low as the smaller house that we used to live in which had a 3 ton geothermal system. Of course our new house is better insulated.
My parents were the first on our road to use Geotherm. Now four of neighbors have used Geotherm.”

Matt – Rochester, New York

Testimonial“Geotherm installed a ClimateMaster system in our 1880’s era home last summer to replace our oil furnace. We are exceptionally pleased with this quiet, clean, comfortable heating system and look forward to using the air conditioning (a bonus we've never had before) as needed this coming summer. We received a 10% rebate from New York State and a 30% credit on federal taxes. We're already accruing substantial saving on heating costs, and we are most pleased NOT to see that oil truck turn into the driveway.”

Charlie – Victor, New York

Testimonial“Jesse Cook of Geotherm installed our geothermal system in December, 2011 and we couldn't be happier. The system works great and the comfort level in our house is better than we had hoped for. I don't have a single hesitation in recommending Jesse Cook and Geotherm.”

Jeff – Scottsville, New York

Testimonial“We had solar panels attached to our roof. The crew did and awesome job. Our roof is wavy but the solar panels are all aligned! The job site was keep clean. We are very pleased with quality of work. We highly recommend them.”

Joann – Rochester, New York

Testimonial“This experience has been stress- and hassle-free. I wish EVERYONE knows how easy it is to install solar energy in their houses. Thank you for everything you do. ”

Azalia and Luis – Penfield, New York

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